Base and Process Oils
Paulsboro Refining Company in New Jersey produces more than 11,000 bpd of highly refined paraffinic and aromatic oils for use in a wide variety of lubricant and process applications.

Lubricant Base Oils
在线免费观看 Paulsboro Refining Company’s VP oils are available in a wide range of viscosities and are commonly used as lubricant base oils in automotive, railroad, industrial and marine engine oils. Both straight-cut and blended oils are available.

  • Straight-cut

Includes VP 100, 165, 500, 700 and 150 Bright Stock.


  • Blended

A state-of-the-art in-line blending system is used to produce a wide range of custom-blended oils.

  • Export

Depending on availability, a slightly modified version of PRC’s straight-cut base oils are available for international export.

Process Oils
在线免费观看 Paulsboro Refining Company’s VP paraffinic oils are commonly used as process oils by the rubber, paper and chemical industries. In addition, the Paulsboro Refining Company’s aromatic oil product line provides excellent performance as plasticizers and extenders in compounding rubber materials.

  • Paraffinic

Includes straight-cut base oils VP 100, 165, 500, 700 and 150 Bright Stock and a variety of custom-blended oils.


  • Aromatic

PBF manufactured aromatic oils are ASTM Type 101 and 102 rubber process oils with typical total aromatics more than 80 percent.

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